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The Maplewood Dance Center  is located at 383 Warren Ave in Portland, Maine, just about one mile from exit 8 of the Maine Turnpike. We plan to use this page to tell you all the details of our wonderful dance center. We are up and running on our new web site now, and although most of the pages are completed, this one obviously still needs work. Hopefully we will have this page filled with lots of useful information next time you return.

Our names are John and Joan Vance, and we are the owners of the Maplewood Dance Center. If you have questions and can't find the answers here on our web site, email us at
themaple@maine.rr.com or call us at 207-878-0584.


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Maplewood Dance Center
383 Warren Ave
Portland, Maine 04103
Phone: 207-878-0584
Email: themaple@maine.rr.com